Hwarang Rødovre Taekwondo Club, happy to invite you to Denmark.

Hwarang Rødovre Taekwondo Club is happy to host this years official Danish Taekwondo Summercamp.


This camp is an annual tradition that has been practised for many years, and has a reputaion for being one of the best Taekwondo camps. It is therefor a great honour for the first time to hold this camp in the city, Rødovre. We are thankful for all help from Rødovre Kommune and The Danish Taekwondo Federation.

Hwarang Rødovre Taekwondo Club, as the organizing Club will do an effort to make this camp stand out, and be remembered as a great experience.

We will put up a program that meets the different interests in Taekwondo and martial arts in general. This year we will have a special focus on kids and youths. Together with the local community we will set up a special youths program, with daily social activities. We therefor hope to see many families for a fantastic camp close to the Capital of Denmark

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Upcoming Events
MAR 7th
Ticket sales opens March 7th 2018

Ticket sales opens on March 7th 2018. We like to draw your attention to discount due to early ticket purchase. Whole week tickets available for 800.-kr until april 1st 2018


7 days training ticket 1000.-kr
1 day training ticket 300.-kr
Food: includes 3 daily meals 7 days 800.-kr.
It is possible to order halal only or vegetarian food.